Online Mentoring with KKP



Do you ever just want to sit down with someone and pick their brain about a few things you have been thinking about for your business.  We would love to give you access to doing just that!  Consider it a cup of coffee to talk about your business goals. 
Our focus is a light and airy, timeless approach to photography.  We create whimsical photos and capture moments for families to cherish for a lifetime. Over the last 7 years we have learned so much on how to make a successful business and brand and we would love to help you grow your business to be successful as well!. We can customize your session to your preferences. 
Options for YOU:
One Hour: Business Coaching
Discuss Styling of Session (wraps, props, setups)
Camera Settings
Client Closet (What to look for, current trends, Brands)
Lighting and How to Capture the Perfect Shot
Sales Strategies
Lead Generation
Working with a Team
Social Media
(Does Not Include Editing)
One Hour: Branding / Photoshop Mentoring
Building your Brand
Photoshop – Online Editing and Skills
 Delivering Online Galleries 
Live Editing
Two Hours: Covers Both Sessions
Each Mentoring session includes one KKP Preset of your choice!
Sweet Baby
Light and Airy
We want you to know that you have support and someone in your corner to cheer you along in your business.  A lot of the times photographers can feel alone in this, but we are all in it together! We would love nothing more to create relationships and watch your business succeed and grow.  We would love to help you reach your goals. 
After you reserve your Mentoring Spot, we will send over a questionnaire to get to know a little more about you.  This will include information like website address, Instagram Handle, Years in Business, Business information etc.
We look forward to working with you and showing you how to make a successful photography business!  We love to capture these memories for our clients, and love helping others along the way